Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Team Rider Profile Of The Week - Jamie Scott

Name: Jamie Scott
Date of birth: 02/06/1979
Home town: Desborough, Northamptonshire
Occupation: Account Director (Automotive Industry)

Cycling 2010 aims: To win I reckon!

Why should people sign up and join the www.sub7bikes.co.uk Racing Team?
Team work
Good camaraderie
Great sponsor
You'll get to race with me!

What training have you been up to?
Not as much road work as I'd like (with this weather), but plenty of
'garage time' on the turbo
Intervals and intensity will increase from March, to-date very much
'steady state' efforts

What are you most looking forward to about riding for www.sub7bikes.co.uk
Racing Team?
Winning! Is that the right answer?

If you could meet any top professional cyclist who would it be?
Been fortunate enough to meet him, but I’d love to have dinner with Lance
(I'm a believer!)

Three words to describe yourself?
Amazing Talent Wasted! (I won't quote who said that!)

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